I came into interaction design through writing, where I learned how to capture and guide people’s attention. The tools I learned continue to serve me well in shaping better interactions.

Nprplaylists home

NPR Playlists

Helping NPR acquire a younger generation of listeners expecting a higher degree of personalization.

Audible home

Audible Audio Highlights

Enabling audiobook listeners to capture and store their favorite moments.

Pulp home


Collaborating with artists to create an immersive reading experience.

Plexus home

The Plexus Website

Giving a cutting edge VFX collective a web presence.

Me home

Life, Times, Joys, Embarrassments

Making a book that outlines who I am, where I'm coming from and where I'm going.

Enb home

Earn and Burn

Illustrating some unusual items from my transaction history.