Audible Audio Highlights

Enabling audiobook listeners to capture and store their favorite moments.


24 Hours


Kohzy Koh, David Al-Ibrahim, Erin McMahon

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The Problem

Highlighting is an important part of any reading experience. It enables readers to save and share excerpts that resonate with them. Digital reading platforms have recognized the importance of highlighting and built it in as a core feature. However, audio listening platforms don't provide any means of saving and highlighting excerpts. We decided to tackle this problem at Audible's Future of Listening Hackathon.

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The Sketching

We began sketching concepts of how users might be able to mark highlights. As most users lisen to audiobooks on the go, it was important to take into account the fact that they would want to capture a highlight without disrupting the activity they're performing. We also wanted identify what happens to the highlights after they're captured, so we sketched out where the highlights will live and how they'll be accessed.

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Capturing Highlights

In order to enable users to capture highlights without disrupting their flow, we added a capture highlight button to the controls on the home screen. Users can capture a highlight by tapping on the button. Audible checks the audiobook's transcript to recognize the sentence that users want to highlight. If users wants to adjust the portion picked, they can tap and drag to capture the desired excerpt.

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Where Highlights Live

We wanted to enable users to not only store highlights but also create communities around the content that they care about. We envisioned the experience of revisiting highlights, but we also wanted to enable our users to create book clubs where they could engage in discussions about the audiobooks they're listening to. We extended this ecosystem to include influential personalities who recommend literature and authors who could find out what parts of their writing is resonating best with their audience.

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Tying It Together

In order to communicate how the entire system comes together, we made a short video showing how someone would capture and share highlights. In the video, we also envisioned the sound users would here when they stumbled upon a part which has been highlighted frequently.